AgriTech 2020

International Agriculture and Technology Summit & Exhibition

Where Technology Meets Industry | European Event




AgriTech 2020

International Agriculture and Technology Summit & Exhibition
Where Technology Meets Industry | European Event


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Key Topics & Sessions

DAY 1 | 1st December

This session focuses on the challanges which is expected by 2050 such as food demand,gene-editing, generational transformation, the energy source and similar topics in order to come up with different perspectives by industry regulators and
key market players.

This session focuses to promote soil health, minimize water use, and lower pollution levels on the farm in order to meet a healthy environment, economic profitability, and social and economic equity.

This session reviews new developments in high-tech greenhouse horticulture. Speakers will focus on sensors, energy solutions, covering materials, production technology and robotics. Development of the horticulture sector can have a great impact on poverty reduction in the region, offering an alternative to amongst others mineral exports.

This session focuses on the latest technologies integration in agriculture industry such as sensors or drones as essential tools in order meet food demand of 9.73 billion population by 2050 (UN Expectation).

Precision Livestock Farming is the use of advanced technologies to optimize the contribution of each animal. Speakers will focus on combination of developing animal sensing (sensors) tools and decision-making process  for animal feed suppliers, human-food retailers and other players along the supply chain.

DAY 2 | 2nd December

This session focuses on European and International Lawsand Regulations that Apply to Agricultural Operation byFarm Activity.

Trade plays a crucial role in delivering food. It helps to provide greater choice in consumer goods, and has played a role in reducing food insecurity across the globe.

This session focuses on cellular and biomolecular processes to develop technologies and products that help improve our lives and the health of
our planet. Speakers will represent breakthrough products and technologies
to combat debilitating and rare diseases, reduce our environmental footprint,
feed the hungry, use less and cleaner energy, and have safer, cleaner and more efficient industrial manufacturing processes

This session focuses on Simulation models have been used in farming system. Speaker will discuss the development of a specific family of simulation models,
i.e. integrated, bio-economic, or socio-ecological models. These models gives
much more possibility such as representing several processes, system components and sub-systems of interest, including the social component (i.e. economic, institutional, social networks) which leads to computational capacity and the development of user-friendly programming software both played important roles in making the diffusion of simulation models  in farming system.

This session focuses on Artificial Intelligence technology which is game changer for agriculture and farming industry. Speakers will focus on three main topics:
1.Agricultural Robots
2.Crop and Soil Monitoring
3.Predictive Analytics

Meet Speakers & Award Nominees

Dr Rachid Serraj
Senior Project Officer
Delivery Manager Small-Scale Family Farming Regional Initiative


Ms. Sonia Lo
Chief Executive Officer

Crop One Holdings


Mr.Martijn Lammers

Sector specialist Food & Agriculture
Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency (NFIA)

Ms. Christine Zimmermann-Loessl

Assocation of Vertical Farming


Dr. Corné Kempenaar
Prof & Expert in Precision Agriculture/Smart Farming


Mr. Gérard Rass
General Secretary

APAD France


AgriTech Series Participation By Company Activities

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Food Growers and Production
Machinery & Equipments
Logistic and Distrubutors
Government Bodies
Chemistry and Agriscience

Agritech Series Participation By Positions:

CEO, CTO, Partner
Technical Manager,
Purchasing Manager
International Organisations
Government Bodies ,
Individual Consultants

Participation From Top 10 Countries:

The Netherlands
United Kingdom

More About AgriTech Event Series

It’s about the experience.

Attending AgriTech Event Series in person provides an impactful experience that you can’t achieve by reading articles or watching a video about Agriculture Industry. How many times do we think we’re going to read that article, but never get around to it?

It’s about all the Key Market Leaders and Experts

Summit brings together over 30+ speakers, thought leaders, and experts who will share the latest trends and solutions. It is not usual to find this many key experts together discussing challenges in Agriculture Market except at Summit.

It’s about the right place.

AgriTech Summit & Exhibition creates atmosphere for  innovation of thought and innovation of action. Everybody here is focused on the best ways to provide effective solutions and amazing customer experiences that build loyalty and transparency.

It’s about the real-world experience.

Keynote Speakers from top brands from around the world will share their strategies and their success stories regarding Project Management, Finance, Operation and Technology Impact. You’ll gain plenty of practical takeaways you can bring back to the office.

It’s about the networking.

Talk to other managers and C-Level executives who are experiencing the same challenges you have. Find out what’s really working and update your skills.

B2B Business Meetings

In order to help you save time and establish connections with real-interest business partners, B2B Business Meetings includes in your participation package a top-level matchmaking program.

Based on the pre-registered visitors and exhibiting decision-makers from all departments, the program is an efficient facilitator to connect concrete needs to corresponding offers.

This very qualitative program brings together every year more than 500 local and international decision-makers from Large Groups, SMEs, academics and investors.

The AgriTech matchmaking program represents:

  • A unique opportunity to meet the buyers interested in your offer, the correct suppliers, and the reliable R&D and consultancy partners.
  • Fast and qualitative meetings: an average of 10 meetings per day, with pre-targeted interlocutors
  • Participation fee waived by AgriTech and included in all exhibitors’ and visitors packages.

How does it work?

Step 1

You fill in the on-line registration form describing your offer and/ or your needs.

Step 2

In a few clicks, you address business meeting requests to the companies you would like to meet.

Step 3

You accept or decline, according to your interests, the meeting requests received.

Step 4

One week before the event you receive your personal agenda including the bilaterally approved business meetings.

Step 5

On the days of the event, you just follow your updated schedule.

Who attends?

  • Top level managers from R&D, Purchasing, Technical, Methods, Process, Design, etc.
  • Leader Large groups, SMEs and start-ups represented by their CEOs, technical, sales, export managers, engineers, etc.
  • Public and private solar companies, research centers, consultancy & engineering firms, distributors, etc.

Make the most of your meetings!

  • Respect the deadlines for completing your presentation and making your meeting requests
  • Emphasis in your presentation the advantages of all nature to be gained from your offer
  • Carefully read over your interlocutors’ presentation and prepare your speech accordingly
  • During the meeting, go to the point:  your interlocutors have read your technical form and have accepted the meeting, so the detailed company presentation is not necessary.

AgriTech Event Series Gala Dinner & Award Ceremony

What is a Gala Dinner?

Gala Dinner Evening Event will generally feature a three of four course meal where guests are seated. Gala dinners also involve the presentation of awards such as Most Innovative Agriculture Technology Provider, Sustainable Agriculture Solution of the of the year, etc.

The standard dress for gala events is black-tie. A Gala Dinner event or function will often feature entertainment, speakers and formalities, which could form a key part of the event’s theme. If the Gala Dinner is an award night recognising excellence and achievements, it’s paramount to create and Award night event experience that reflects the quality, imagination and excellence of your brand, nominees and winners.  

What are the benefits?

  • Gala Dinner and Award Ceremony is perfect environment for ice-breaking and getting know each other more than B2B meetings.
  • During Gala Dinner Companies have chance to have more friendly atmosphere with luxury drinks.
  • It is more friendly environment to reach C-Level Management

Participation Formats

Delegate Participation

  • 1 Delegate pass
  • 2 Days Access to all event platforms
  • B2B Meetings with Selected Delegates
  • Scanned business cards of all participants

Speaker Participation

  • Speaker slot in the Technical Conference
    (15 – 30 mins)
  • 2 Delegate pass
  • 2 Days Access to all event platforms
  • B2B Meetings with Selected Delegates
  • Scanned business cards of all participants

Focus Exhibition Participation

  • Exhibition stand (Printed and Installed by Global Industrial Events Team)
  • 2 Delegate pass
  • 2 Days Access to all event platforms
  • B2B Meetings with Selected Delegates
  • Scanned business cards of all participants

Sponsorship Participation

  • Sponsor logo on banners in the conference room, registration and exhibition areas
  • Logo and short description in the event catalogue
  • Online promotion campaigns through event media partners and our mailshot system (40, 000 contacts)
  • Logo on event website and brochure

Sponsorship Features


Brand Awareness

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Customer Engagement

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Potential Lead Generation

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Partnership Opportunities


Organized B2B Meetings

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Onsite Team Support

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GIE Event Reviews By Happy Attendees From Different Industries

Ioannis Mispinas

Project Officer

EMSA|European Maritime Safety Agency
"I was pleased to see that there were many participants with the very active participation..
Gathering together,discussing these issues and then coming concrete solution will
always have positive contributions .."
Ms. Eleni Antoniadou

Policy and Regulatory Affairs Adviser

IMCA – International Marine Contractors Association
"I firmly believe that organizing a Summit on Green Shipping in Athens, it is great opportunity
in order to gather on the same table players from supply chain of Shipping to discusss about
highly complicated issues regarding with Sulphur Cup entering in the first in 2020 ballast water
management arrangement etc"
Mr.Poul Woodall

Director of Environment & Sustainability

" I think you you've got a nice crowd of people here that represent shipping not only in Greece
and in Europe but you also have international people from outside of Europe we discuss what's
important and the challenges that we have in the industry and so much like this can help us do
that and put the right things on the agenda we need a lot more interaction between the
community and the law makers"
Ms.Marte Ellingsen Tyldum

Deputy Vice-President Intelligent Asset Management

" For us in Rolls Royce, these types of Summits are important we would like to be here too to
showcase our products and also discuss our visions for the future... of course also nice to see
what our competitors and suppliers and customers are are focusing on what they are presenting...
and of course also have the more informal discussions on our current and future solutions
through these types of summits so it's a very interesting to be here"
Mr.Rene Andersen

Business Development Manager Europe/Marine Service & Marketing

" This event clearly show that there are lot of good ideas from a lot of clients...We presented here
in green shipping our eco structure... New technologies and new solutions in aposition to help
new vessels and also existing vessels to optimize energy consumption and by that greener
shipping..We are very pleased to won one of the awards... All in all it has been great pleasure
to be here " "
Mr.Ulf Siwe

Communications Officer | STM Validation project

" This event is great because it gather a lot of important people from maritime industry in Greece.
Greece which is the world leading maritime Nation! The focus on sustainability is really
important for our planet and shipping can do a lot to make it better...Today we've heard a lot of
promising solutions that can really help and if we could get the Greece maritime community
work in this way it would be have a big impact on on the whole world..."
Mr.Cesare d’Api’

Technical Manager

" First of all it is well prepared and well organized meeting completely out of my expectation I
believe that is a very good and nice idea to have all those bodies different players in the value
chain in one room to share their experience in term implementation of green technologies is an
excellent way to share the solution adopted by the industry. The summit focuses the attention to
the collaboration the collaboration is a key element to push forward the boundaries ... of the
research innovation and development.."

AgriTech Series Media Partners

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